HT Life Coaching service

At HT Life Coaching, we offer services in Japanese and English to support our clients in problem solving, goal attainment, and personal fulfillment in both their private and professional lives. A wide range of people utilize coaching, including students, homemakers, career women, aspiring entrepreneurs, job seekers and job changers, expatriates, and business managers.

HT Life Coaching service
・ Job hunting and career changes ・ Leading a fulfilling life
・ Starting a business ・ Self-development
・ Finding a satisfying career ・ Interpersonal relationships
・ (marriage, divorce, other personal issues, workplace issues)
・ Work-life balance ・ Cross-cultural understanding and adaptation
・ Child rearing  

HT Life Coaching service
・ Time management ・ Communication Skills:
・ Stress management  Teamwork in the workplace
・ Career development  Conflict resolution
・ Leadership ・ Interpersonal relations in the workplace

・ (with superiors, subordinates, and peers)

HT Life Coaching seminar
We hold stress management seminars for businesses and other organizations
■ Sample topics include :
Stress relief methods Cross-cultural adaptation Workplace stress
Stress and exchange students Working women and stress   Women and stress
Stress and child rearing    

HT Life Coaching seminar