HT Life Coaching Coaching is a collaborative effort to help you reach your maximum potential. Through an ongoing dialogue, your coach will support you in clarifying your goals, making a plan to achieve those goals, executing that plan, and achieving and even exceeding your objectives. Your coach is your 100% ally, confident in your success and there to guide you in finding the answers that lie within you.
Coaching provides a safe environment in which to speak and face your challenges. Your coach accepts you as you are and listens to what you want to say. By talking to your coach, you are able to organize your ideas and thoughts, validate what you know to be true, and generate new ideas. Your coachfs questions and feedback will enable you to view yourself objectively and spark insight and discovery. And, these insights and discoveries will show you in concrete terms what you need to do to move forward.
HT Life Coaching
HT Life Coaching
Through regularly scheduled sessions with your coach, you will maintain the needed motivation to achieve your goals. Coaching will enable you to understand more clearly what you want to do and discover for yourself the path to attaining your goals.

Coaching Session
‘@Coaching is done in courses of 12 sessions (over a three month period), once weekly for
‘@30 - 45 minutes, mainly by telephone.
One course ends at the completion of those 12 sessions, but clients may decide to undertake additional courses until they are ready to move on by themselves.
‘@At these sessions, your coach supports you in clarifying your goals, needs, and values,
‘@and discovering for yourself the method for realizing your objectives.
Your coach uses a range of techniques and skills to help you elicit insights and discoveries, validations, and reaffirmations, as together you go through the process of attaining your goals.
‘@Your role in coaching is to think for yourself, take action, change your own thoughts and
‘@behaviors, and fulfill your objectives.
Coaching is most effective when you understand your motivation for receiving coaching and are committed to the coaching process. If there are issues that you prefer not to discuss, your coach will respect those limits. Additionally, your coach has a responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality and accordingly will not disclose to a third party what is discussed in your sessions without your explicit permission.
‘@Equally important as the coaching sessions is the time between sessions.
This is the time when you execute the plan, have new insights and discoveries, and prepare to move to the next level. In the coaching process, you yourself discover how to solve your problems and achieve your goals. Your coach does not solve your problems or attain your goals for you.
¦@Please be advised that the role of a life coach is not that of a psychiatrist or other health professional, who dispenses medical advice and/or treatment. Individuals who require such services should seek the counsel of advice of qualified medical professionals.